Mother's Day Movie

Mother’s Day Movie

They say watching movies helps us unwind by distracting us from the daily mundane routine and taking us into a different world for a while. When we watch movies, we feel the characters and the situations as if we were in it. This happens due to the mirror neurons in our brain that make this experience so beautiful.

So while I was thinking about gifting something beautiful to the most beautiful woman in my life (my mom), I thought about a movie marathon with her. Sharing with you a list and gist of the movies I have shortlisted to watch with my mom this mother’s day, and so can you:

I found these were the best Mother’s Day movies

  • Juno:

Mother's Day movies

When a smart high school junior named Juno finds out that she is pregnant after a short fling with a friend, she decided to move on with the pregnancy and ultimately put the baby up for adoption. All of this happens during her coming of age, which makes this movie quite the interesting kind of drama that fits the bill for our purpose.

  • Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood:

Mother's Day movies

This movie is a perfect fit for the occasion as it revolves around deep rooted issues between family members and how the mother daughter duo tries to re connect with each other after years of resentment.

  • Little miss sunshine:

Mother's Day movies

A movie with a serious message and yet quite a bit of comedy makes it perfect to watch with your mom. It involves a family that goes for a long road trip together and in the process realizes how they all need each others’ support and brings them closer.

  • Mom

Mother's Day movies

This movie could be too much of a thriller, but if you and your mom have a thing for thrillers, you could definitely watch it together this mother’s day. It is about a girl named Arya who was raped by friends at a party and how then the mom goes to great lengths to take revenge and protect her daughter in ways she never imagined she would have to.

And the list ends as I do not think there’s any mom out there who would want to watch more than four movies in a day; do let us know if you have one!

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