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Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

Mother’s Day Greeting Cards– What is one of the oldest gifts from you that your mother has still preserved? I’m sure you said greeting card! When we’re kids, we want to do something special for our Mums on special days – and almost every kid’s first gift to his/her mom is a handmade greeting card. No matter how much of a lousy job you’ve done, it will always remain closest to her heart. Because you made it with all of yours!

Greeting Cards value that it holds is incomparable!

But as you grow up, that’s not what you want to do anymore. You might start buying her ready made greeting cards when you have pocket money and then with digitization, we have had our share of digital customized greeting cards that we’ve sent to our childhood sweethearts and our Mums and dads!

Let’s walk down the memory lane again this year and explore a few ideas of giving her greeting cards that could hold as much (or almost as much) value to her as your first one.

  • Greeting card apps:

There’s a huge variety of apps that help you make customized greeting cards for your loved ones. Here are a popular few you could try this mother’s day: Felt (iOS), Handwritten (Android and iOS), Red Stamp Cards (Android and iOS), Touch-note Cards (Android and iOS) and a lot more!

They enable you add frames, your pictures, text that looks handwritten and a wide range of effects.

  • Handmade greeting cards:

Why not do the same thing you did as a child – go ahead and take a tutorial on the internet to do a better job. But honestly, whatever you make will surely be cherished by your mom!

  • Greeting box:

You could make or buy a decorative box and fill it with several tiny notes that look like little greeting cards. Play with a variety of colors and patterns here to make it more pretty. It’s something even the less creative of us can easily do a good job with.

  • One huge greeting card:

If you have siblings, you can all work on this together to make a big greeting card (no limits to the size). Add a lot of printed pictures taken together with mum, and each sibling could stick their own handwritten notes inside it. The cover page can be done by one who is most creative of your lot, plus we always have glitter!

Think about these ideas and start planning already. It take more time than you think – after all you have been out of practice for way too long (I guess)!

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