Even though training badminton footwork is not as fun as smashing the shuttlecock into the opponent’s field it is very important.

Badminton is a high tempo sport and you have to keep going up with the pace or you will probably lose the match. Even the delay of one second makes a big difference.

badminton footwork drill training

When Receiving

When you are receiving the shuttlecock (also called bird, birdie, and shuttlecock) you have to be in the right place at the right time. You cannot let this drop. When you are able to hit the shuttlecock from the highest point you can hit it downwards. This is not the only option but in most cases the one that makes it harder to receive.

When you are at the net at the right time you can try net kill and end the rally.

If the opponent hits the shuttlecock in the backcourt the most beneficial place for you to be is behind it. That allows you to badminton smash it overhead much easier.


Balanced Position

It is common sense that if you are where you should be your position is balanced. That gives you more time to react and shift. It is rare that the player has to hit only once during the rally so when your footwork is good you will be ready for the second shot and so on. If the player is a bit late from every shot it will compound and the result is that he/she will lose that rally at the end.


As you can see there is a huge difference between poor and good footwork. Badminton footwork is so important thing in the game that it has to be trained a lot! There are drills for you to train by yourself and drills that you can train with a partner.


2 Videos about Badminton Footwork That Will Take Your Game into The Next Level!

These three videos below show you three different Badminton Footwork Drill that is tried, tested and used by professionals!


In this first video, it is all about neutralizing the posture after the shot.

There are two different timings or options depending on the situation.

The first one is for the situation where you have to be ready as quick as possible.

The second one is when you have for example hit the shuttlecock high and you have a bit more time to react.