Vintage toilet seats

Vintage toilet seats

Even with the rise of contemporary and other modern interior designs, a lot of people still enjoy going for the vintage look. There is a certain aura of calmness and prestige that comes with vintage bathrooms. You may be surprised to know that you can easily and cheaply get the items you need in the most common places. Here are some tried and proven tips available.

Vintage bathrooms are commonly influenced by the 1920s and 1930s era. Colors and shades are usually light with hints of black or navy blue. Tiles are porcelain or marble with smooth finishes of white and other pale colors like sky blue and light green. Halfway up the walls, apply square tiles. Vintage bathroom floors have a mosaic design wherein a bold color interior would be bordered. You can find these kinds of tiles at your local shop or get them at cheaper prices in garage sales.

Built-ins are very popular vintage pieces since the period wanted everything fresh and clean-looking. Most decorations you have to place in your bathroom may need to be both aesthetic and practical. Hidden medicine cabinets are ideal pieces as well as towel bars built into the sink. Towel bars are heated via hot water or electricity so you can easily find the perfect one in your local hardware shop. Your towel bar may be built-in the sink or independent.

When choosing bathroom lights, you should pick frosted glass and metals since these effectively create a vintage atmosphere. Antique sconces and ceiling lights are great as well which you can get at antique stores or flea markets. Hanging lamps are good also. Skylights were popular back then so experiment if it compliments your overall theme. As for lighting, a standalone bathroom lamp is good plus yellow or fluorescent ceiling light. Light bulbs were very popular during the era so feel free to use these.

A vintage bathtub is one of the main items that your bathroom needs. There are clawfoot and pedestal tubs made of cast iron or acrylic. These are quality pieces that you can order from special vintage manufacturers. A vintage sink is also important to try to have some space available for a vessel or pedestal sink. A vintage toilet preferably white is an excellent addition to the tub and sink not like the new tankless toilet. Stainless steel fixtures are common and look well with white shades. You may choose to keep your current toilet or invest in novelty toilet seats.