Christmas Day Wishes to friends
Christmas Christmas Wishes

50+ Merry Christmas Wishes 2018- Best Christmas Wishes & Messages

Merry Christmas Wishes for friends 2018– Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December by remembering and praising the birth of Jesus Christ. This festival is celebrated all over the world among billions of people. It is one of the biggest celebrations in Christians religions. On this day people go to church and pray alongside they give presents to their family, friends and love ones. It is praised with high confidence and spirits in almost all over the world.

There is another tradition which is supported by the children that are Santa Clause. It is a myth from many years that Santa Clause is a fanciful old man who monitors the nice kids and gives them gifts by secretly entering their house through chimneys. And for naughty kids, he just leaves a packet of coal.

Best Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

Merry Christmas to all. everyone of us is very excited for Christmas day. We all love to celebrate this festival with our family, friends and with closed one. And share Merry Christmas wishes, images, quotes to each other. Everyone is looking for some beautiful Christmas Day wishes, messages, greeting cards and other stuff which they can send to their family and friends to show their love for them. If you are also looking for these thing then you are at right place here you will find 50+ Merry Christmas Wishes 2018, Best Christmas Wishes & Messages.

Merry Christmas Wishes 2018

Merry Christmas Wishes 2018-  Christmas Wishes for Family

Christmas is a festival to having lots of fun and entertainment with family and friends. It is festival when you can spend lots of time with your family and friends and can create some wonderful memories. During this occasion everyone appreciates their family and friends by sending them wishes and messages.

Many people send DIY Christmas greeting cards to their loved ones. If you also want to make your own greeting card and looking for some Christmas day wishes. Then you are right place here you will get lots of merry Christmas wishes 2018.

“Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season,
But A State Of Mind, To Cherish Peace And Goodwill,
To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas.”
“Maybe Christmas, The Grinch Thought,
Doesn’t Come From A Store.”
“Maybe Christmas, The Grinch Thought,
Doesn’t Come From A Store.”
With mistletoe hung for all to see
Rocking round the Christmas tree
Carols bring joy and cheer
Hope and faith in every prayer
Merry Christmas dear.
 “On A Busy Day Twenty-Two Thousand People,
Come To Visit Santa, and I Was Told That,
It Is an Elf’s Lot to Remain Merry In The Face Of Torment,
And Adversity,
I Promised To Keep That In Mind.”
Christmas is full of beautiful things that marvel us but the most amazing of all is the opportunity to feel and share the love that fills lives.-Merry Christmas
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Wishes

May the melody and spirit of the holidays fill your home with love and peace. I wish you all the best and happy New Year too!
As you celebrate the glory of this miraculous season, may your home be filled with love, peace, and joy. May these blessings follow you throughout the New Year.
The warmth and love surrounding Christmas is a joy to be savored with family and friends. It is a time to give and share with one another. Here’s to wishing you the best this season has to offer.
Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.
Wishing you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday has to offer. May this incredible time of giving and spending time with family bring you a joy that lasts throughout the year.
Christmas is a season of great joy: a time for remembering the past and hoping for the future. May the glorious message of peace and love fill you with joy during this wonderful season.
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, May you be blessed this Christmas with peace and love all day! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Wishing you a beautiful holiday with lots of cheers and gifts coming your way. Merry Xmas greetings!

Merry Christmas Wishes For Friends

May all the magic of Christmas Fill your heart
With happiness and joy.
Merry Christmas to you
May this Christmas show you the way
For a New year that is bright and fresh
Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May this Christmas holidays give you
Wonderful time and Happiness
to become a the golden memories for tomorrow.
Wishing you lots of joy, love and happiness
Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Day Wishes to friends


May this Christmas Sparkles with love, happiness and celebration,
to pave the way for a happy new year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Wishing you happiness, peace and Joy
For this Christmas and for next year
Wishing you peace, happiness and Joy
For this Christmas and always.
I wish you more happiness
and good health this Christmas.
Have a very merry Christmas!
In this busy world we are living, just for once,
let us slow down and feel the magic of Christmas.
Let us find our way home where we can find and share what Christmas is about.
Have a fun-filled Christmas Season!
May you always find yourself around the Christmas tree, singing carols with the best of friends.
Learn to live harmoniously, both in song and interactions. Christmas is a time to cherish the friends you love, and the understanding between kindred souls.

Christmas wishes for friends

Christmas bells and carols ring out through the days and nights of this season. Each bell brings joy and each harmony of carols is a connection between friends.
Memories may be fleeting, but each childhood friend is a gift that touches your heart
Every angel you see atop a Christmas Tree reminds you of the friends and family you love and have loved. I hope you see many angels on many Christmas Trees.
Christmas season brings travel, shopping, and the sending of mail through the post office. Remember to appreciate each good moment that those other moments help to make.


Merry Christmas Messages 2018- Christmas Greeting wishes for Him/Her

Christmas is one of the perfect festival for couples to spend time with each other and celebrates the Christmas day with love and devotion. This is a prefect time for boyfriends to show their love for their girlfriends. For that you can send some amazing Christmas day greetings. And why you keep your your greeting card empty, let’s wish him/her with best Merry Christmas messages and wishes along with your Christmas romantic gifts. Here are some Merry Christmas wishes for him/her.

You are my true love and
I am blessed that I won your heart
Merry Christmas
You are my love and hope,
Everything seems fine when you’re around.
I hope this love will be forever.
Merry Christmas dear.
Christmas brings be happiness not because I can celebrate,
But I know it brings happiness and cheers to my sweetheart
Merry Christmas My Dear
May colorful bells ring around you, angels dressed in white gather around you and wish you peace.
Have a blissful and Merry Christmas.
May this day brings never-ending joy in your and family’s life. 
Happy Christening!
May Lord always keep you safe in his care my beloved child. 
I feel so proud on your christening
I pray a lifetime of happiness and gaiety for you. 
Heartiest congratulations on your Christening!
I feel ecstatic to know that you are going to begin such an amazing spiritual journey. 
God bless you always!
My sincere wishes for your child on his Christening. 
May Lord bless him always!
Snowing galore, colorful bells ringing
Angels with white wings gathered chiming
Singing in chorus, as they must,
Wishing you peace, joy and a blissful Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas Wishes messages

May your Christmas celebrations be incredibly festive
Hope you love all the gifts you receive
May Santa shower you with luck
and I hope you smile cheerily while reading my Xmas motive.
Burnished Jingle bells ringing in tune
Santa Clause will be coming soon
Bask in Xmas glory because ‘Tis the season
Relish, gorge on and spend lavishly, with greater reason.
I hope spirit of Christmas warms your home and life with equal measure. May this Christmas bring enormous joy in your life and carry you forward in a New Year filled with lasting happiness.
I hope you find yourself surrounded with your loved ones this Christmas. May you feel all the warmth and love in this world. Merry Christmas!
May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year.
With mistletoe hung for all to see
Rocking round the Christmas tree
Carols bring joy and cheer
Hope and faith in every prayer
Merry Christmas my love.
Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings happiness, may it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.
To give our Father glory in the highest
Oh come all joyful, faithful and triumphant
Christ the Lord is here 
To bring us happiness and cheer
Merry X-Mas

Merry Christmas Messages

I may not always say this but
I want you to know that you’re the most awesome person I know
The person who captured my heart
And imprison me in her heart.
Wishing you the best Christmas ever!
I am the happiest boyfriend in the world!
For I have the best girlfriend ever.
Thanks for being there, to love, to cherish, to care.
Wishing you all the best this Christmas.
Happy Holidays!
I always knew you are the right person in my life, thank you for being around. Merry Christmas!
The comfort of home and unity of our nation bless your spirit this holiday season.
We appreciate your partnership and wish you a wonderful holiday season 
Merry Christmas … looking forward to working together.
You have a heart of gold
That sheds true happiness
May success be always yours 
Merry Christmas 
May you have the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of his love at Christmas and always.
We’re sending our very best wishes and we’re adding this special thought too…an extra Merry Christmas we bring all of you. Thank you and happy holidays!
There’s never a dull moment when you’re around
You gladden our heart and bring joy
Wish you a Christmas overflowing with love.

Christmas wishes 2018

Your guidance makes things easier for all of us
Bringing great rewards and success
Merry X-mas 
You are so special; you are so unique; all that I truly want for you is serenity and peace.
Merry Christmas
Thankful for your patronage 
Accept our blessings this Christmas season.

Best Merry Christmas Wishes 2018

Glad we made it through this wonderful year
Look forward to a continued relationship
The team sends warm Christmas greetings 
To start a Happy New Year
Thanks for being a wonderful co-worker
Making my stresses tolerable
Merry Christmas to you 
Love you my wonderful children
You deserve the best that Christmas can bring
Here’s wishing the best of the season.
To a joyful present and a well-remembered past, Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas.
Thanks for being my Santa oh daddy dear
Showering me with gifts and presents so dear
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
If you are kidnapped by a big fat man
Packed in a parcel, delivered in a van
Stay calm… coz I asked Santa
To gift me my long lost friend.
Merry Christmas
Ushering in; the season of warmth and hope
Belonging and fun 
We wish the family peace and repose
Love and wisdom
Merry Christmas
All I want for Christmas is you, my dear. May we celebrate this holiday together holding each other’s hand year after year. Merry Christmas my love.
May the lights of Christmas be your guide and the Christmas carols fill you with cheer. Have a happy holiday!
Merriment and joy
Awesome gifts by the tree
Celebrate your Christmas
Smiling with glee
Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas Messages 2018- Christmas Text Messages For Family & Friends

Christmas is near and if you are looking for sending some Christmas cards, e-cards or just want to share some messages with your family who live with you or far from you. Then we make a list of some amazing Family Christmas messages which you can share easily with them.

Christmas is all about being with your family, showing you love for them and having some fun with them and creating new memories. And sometimes it becomes tough to find some right words to write to your loved ones and for that we make this amazing list for you.

Sending warm Christmas greetings to you and your family. May you have a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas!
Sending you and your family lots of love. Merry Christmas!
Let happiness and good fortune surround you and your family this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to all!


Calling Grandpa, Grandma and
Uncles and Aunts from afar,
Calling cousins too
Let’s all get together;
Around the Christmas tree; For it’s the season to be merry, And jolly we shall all be!
As the snow falls gently,
And wraps everything up in white,
It’s time to head home for Christmas;
And share the joys of the season, With those who with their very presence, Make our home beautiful & bright.
May baby Jesus bring you and your family lots of love. May a host of angels fill your life with joy and bliss. Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. 
On this wonderful Season of Christmas, I wish you happiness, Joy and Fun, That is what my Christmas Wish to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring that you bring to me.

Merry Christmas wishes

You can share all these Merry Christmas wishes, messages to your family and friends with just copy and paste. You can also use the social button to share these Christmas Day messages to social media timeline such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp also.

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